Surfing in harmony

I recently upgraded my quadcopter (or “drone” as they’ve irritatingly been dubbed) to the latest DJI Phantom 3 Pro. What an incredible machine! Decided to film some epic surf conditions with it yesterday and upon breezing through the footage, something caught my attention. One of our aquatic friends, that had also been spotted earlier in the day, appears to be trying to get out of the way of a surfer that almost landed on its head when he bailed off his board (2:37). The next clip shows it slowly cruising away, quite unperturbed.

Now as sensational and dramatic as this could be made out to be (erm.. cough.. Hollywood), I’d like to give my 2c opinion.

Firstly, these beautiful creatures are always there. They always have been, and it’s a combo of technology like this and social media that is spreading the hype that their numbers are on the rise, and then generally spreading panic amongst the public.

Secondly, and my point of the title, is how awesome it is to be able to harmoniously share the Ocean with these guys. Nothing happened all day, and I’m sure this kind of thing happens all the time while going completely unnoticed by those enjoying themselves in the water.

So please, if you do happen to watch or share this on social media, try and see the positive / non-dramatic side of it and lets appreciate the awesome creatures of the world we live in!

Music: Foo Fighters – My Hero





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