Spirit Update – Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary

We wanted to give you an update about our favorite black leopard here at Jukani! We last saw Spirit after his encounter with animal communicator, Anna Breytenbach, where Spirit (previously known as Diablo) was calmed by Anna after she told him we did not expect anything from him here at Jukani and that the two leopard cubs he had been with before being rescued were also safe. Since then, Jukani has moved to an amazing location in Plettenberg Bay where Spirit, along with the two cubs – now fully grown leopards named Tess and Kito – roam happily in their own enclosure, enjoying the sunshine and their fellow Jukani neighbors. Spirit, Tess and Kito are thankful for your thoughts and well-wishes and hope to see you some day soon here at Jukani!

A film by Melinda Quick: www.melindaquick.com

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