Quarry Lake Estate in Plett

Lisa Incendiario

Quarry Lake Food products are Organically grown and manufactured on Quarry Lake Estate in the Bitou River Valley.

The products sold on this farm range from fresh organic Vegetables, Wheatgrass Trays and Sprouted Trays, to Bottled, Dehydrated, Baked and pre-packed mixes all grown and manufactured “in the pursuit of health”.  These products are 100% VEGAN and are grown naturally without pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or poisons!!  They contain the finest natural ingredients, stone- ground flour, unrefined sugar, natural preservatives and additives. No animal or dairy products are used.  Unfortunately not all our products can be sold on the website as some require refrigerated transport but for the Health conscious Vegan and Vegetarian, our online shop allows you to buy unique products.

For the visitor to the Plettenberg Bay area, Bocca Dolce Coffee Shop is situated on Quarry Lake Estate, Stofpad, Wittedrift and here we sell all the organic produce that is grown on the farm as well as all the food that is manufactured in our kitchen and sold on this website.   There are products in the Coffee shop (i.e. Vegan Butter, Hummus, Pesto) that cannot be sold on the website as they need to be refrigerated.  Visitor can order a delicious vegan and vegetarian meal, taste our home roast coffee and visit the organic gardens.  On Saturday and Sunday, we serve a Harvest Table of delicious Vegan and Vegetarian dishes.

For bookings please call Lisa 083 562 7236 or Lello 083 425 6820.  Open Tues – Sun 09h00 – 15h30.

Bed and Breakfast accommodation for a maximum of 5 people is also available on Quarry Lake Estate.

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