Elephants sleeping at Plett Game Reserve

While Harry and his family are still getting familiar with their new home (and associated wildlife) at www.plettgamereserve.com, they spend their days out on the reserve, and their nights in a large secure camp. Besides wide open spaces, large trees and a mud wallow, this camp also has a special boma, built to offer the elephants shelter from the elements. This accommodation includes a soft sawdust floor and heaters for when the weather is very cold; and CCTV cameras, allowing the research team to monitor the elephant’s night time behaviour.

This snippet of recent footage shows the elephants choosing to sleep indoors this night…snoozing and sleeping, just after midnight, standing close together under the warmth the heaters offer them. Watch for trunks lying relaxed, flopped on the ground – a sure sign that an elephant is sleeping, standing up! Watch for Tembi curled up under father Harry’s feet, with mom Tosha standing safely beside her. As she falls fast asleep she settles into the sawdust, with her whole family gathered around her.

The close relationship between these elephants is clearly evident, emphasised by the tight-knit group and behaviours such as body rubs and “trunk-over-back” as the adults reassure the young ones that all is safe and sound.

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